• Marina Collard

Being here - single overlapped and overlaid

Dec 2019 - Marina Collard with Becky Horn, Tina Krasevec, Sean Murray, Serena Ruth and Christopher Spraggs

Single solo material - two cameras - colour and clothing

solos captured, repeated against different light, transparent/diffuse/reflective/absorbent. Versions of reconfigured, framed and repeated. The over and over and the overlaid.

multiplicity, singularity, overlay, doubling over, splitting and sharing space. Scale and location on screen. Displacement, disappointment, staying with, relationships explored.

New work, new understanding. We spent the afternoon playing different footage together.

Motivation for organising /constructing contexts for the work to be available. The meanwhile.......

Being Here - moving on – an obsession with 2

Autumn 2019 - Marina Collard with Tina Krasevec and Serena Ruth.

plugging in, redefining the space in between. the vertical and the horizontal, where they see, the apex, the distance from the apex. Reconnecting with the atmosphere, touching space and making sense of the duet form. Overlapping and overlaying and lining up.

Making notes and enjoying the squats and the dead slug move at the end of the day.