• Marina Collard

Vegetable dancing

Marina Collard, Lauren McKillop, Sean Murray, Courtney Nettleford, Christopher Spraggs.

8th April

peas or chick peas.

talked to Carolyn... the disappointment of not being able to dress up peas.

solution - use dried chick peas. paint them

5th April

Pea Races and other goings on.

Logged in, chat with Chris mainly as all others were busy. Caught up on the work they'd been doing. Happy the team is expanding to include, Carolyn Roy, Becky Horne, Tina Krasevec, Paul Newland and Mandeep Raikhy (Delhi).

We talked about loops and time, finite lengths of time. The onion gets chopped and it's done. How does he the idea of the 'Meanwhilers' remain part of the work. For things continue beyond the limit of their duration…

We looked at observing the viewing of the event, a kind of vegetable dancing google box. 

The scores are significant, their length or brevity. Too long and needing a reader or enjoying working with what gets remembered, what gets lost, what gets distorted. The short scores, a statement, a thing in themselves, need some inclusions. - snails races 2017... there's a winner.. and they're dressed up.


2nd April

Dance with a vegetable - cherry tomatoes

sit in a chair, close your eyes and someone throws cherry tomatoes at your face.

see what happens...

there may be some ethical considerations. Please write and sign your own disclaimer

1st April

Dance with a vegetable of your choice – Place the vegetable on the body and see where that takes you.

Zoom rehearsal 2.30pm

starting with a potato, the weight of it laid on the body.

The Score:

place the potatoes on the body - continue to place and replace them when they fall off

stack the potatoes - build up like stones stacked

leave some space with no hands coming into the shot

place a potato at the base of the sternum and let if fall up the chest

roll off the shoulder down the arm

repeat till all the potatoes have rolled off the body

roll the potatoes onto the body

the arms of the person lying can support this

let the arms slide

let the arms open across the floor

lift the body and place the potatoes under the body, shoulder, arm

the lower arm bone should be perpendicular in the shot (we don't see the hand)

place the potato in the hand, let it fall, repeat

through the potatoes on the body

build up the potatoes on the body, get up, repeat.

Garlic and cherry tomatoes - soles of the feet.

Dissolve on a chair – sit on a chair and take the time to empty and inwardly dissolve, pouring collapse until you end up in a pool of yourself on the floor.

Chop an onion – static shot, close frame clothing as back drop for onion.